Holtzman Appraisal & Consulting Services, Inc.

Holtzman Appraisal & Consulting Services, Inc.

Complex Properties

Holtzman Appraisal & Consulting Services, Inc. serves a wide variety of clients with complex property needs. Mr. Holtzman has earned a reputation for appraising the most complex assignments, including many special purpose properties.

Special Purpose Properties

Here is a sample:

  • • Large-scale/mixed-use master plans

  • • Residential subdivision of all types

  • • Large, regional warehouse or manufacturing facilities

  • • Golf courses

  • • Hotels

  • • Timeshare properties

  • • Health clubs

  • • Churches

  • • Utility corridors

  • • Leasehold properties

  • • Farms and estates

  • • Timberland

  • • Riparian rights

We Can Help You With Most Types of Assignments


  • • Government assignments, such as purchases, revenue-sharing, corridor valuations and eminent domain. Mr. Holtzman has a current Yellow Book Certification

  • • Government contracts: Holtzman Appraisal & Consulting Services, Inc. holds government contracts with the Department of General Services (VA), the Department of Taxation (VA), municipalities within VA, such as the conservation easement program in James City County; and regularly does assignments for the Department of Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, and others.

  • • Litigation support for a wide variety of issues

  • • Property tax appeals

“All Things IRS”

Such as:

  • • Casualty losses for IRS purposes

  • • Fee simple gifts and conservation easements

  • • Fractional interest discounts

  • • Asset valuation for resetting the cost basis, and cost and depreciation estimations